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Sunday Worship: 9:00 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.


St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed in 1798 and the St. John’s  German Reformed Church was formed in 1835, both sharing a small church building in the hamlet of Farmers Mills.  Having outgrown the church building, the joint congregations built a new church on the current site in November 1853.  The congregations continued to grow and the first renovations to the building were made in 1883.  The gallery was removed and new seating and aisles were arranged.  The basement was finished to provide additional Sunday School use.  The congregations celebrated their 100th  anniversary in November 1953.  This service introduced the first use of bulletins for Sunday services. In 1955 the Spring Mills Lutheran Parish was formed comprising of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Georges Valley; St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Spring Mills; and St. John’s Lutheran Church here in Farmers Mills.  In February, 2003 Holy Cross Church closed its doors and those members joined the St. Mark’s Church.  On November 20, 2003 New Hope Lutheran Church was formed and the new building (located just west of Spring Mills) was dedicated.  New Hope Lutheran Church along with St. John’s Lutheran Church constitute the Spring Mills Lutheran Parish. 

In 1958 the Tri-Penn United Church of Christ charge was formed comprising of Emmanuel UCC in Tusseyville; Grace UCC in Spring Mills; and St. John’s UCC in Farmers Mills.  In April 1965 the Lutheran and UCC congregations incorporated as a non-profit organization known as St. John’s Union Church.  With continued growth of the congregations and the need for more space, an addition to the building consisting of two floors was added and dedicated in November 1965. 

Since 1835 the Lutheran and UCC congregations have continually served our community and God in harmony and cooperation.

St. John's Mission Statement

St. John's Union Church nestled in the hills of Penns Valley near Penn’s Cave is a faith community dedicated to helping everyone experience God's love in the struggles and triumphs of daily life. For over 150 years we have offered worship services and Sunday School for all ages. We celebrate with fellowship meals, benefit from men's and women's groups, support the community residents with aid through the New Hope Food Pantry and other caring and sharing projects. No matter where you are on life's journey, there's a place for you at St. John's. Come experience God's love in worship, the study of God's word, caring relationships and service to others.

St.John's Vision Statement

To encourage discipleship and compassion with active ministry while serving the entire community.

Congregational Governance

The congregation manages and governs itself through several established structures.  St. John’s Lutheran Church and St. John’s United Church of Christ form the St. John’s Union Church.  Each church has its own elected council made up of six members from that congregation each serving for three years.  Once a year  two new members are elected to replace those whose term has expired.  The councils are responsible for managing the church business and leading the congregation in its mission. 

The two congregations share the building alternating between the Lutheran and UCC services every other week.  Because of this, a Corporation between the two churches was formed.  The purpose of this non-profit religious organization is to take ownership, care and maintenance of the property and buildings so that both churches hold responsibility for these assets. The members of the Corporation include all registered members of each congregation who have one vote at corporation meetings.  The Board of Directors is comprised of 12 members (which are the Council/Consistory members of both congregations) and elects its own officers.  The annual meeting is held in early February and at that time the directors inspect the property grounds and all buildings and take whatever action necessary for the care of the property.

Both congregations work together serving their respective churches and the local community.  Some of the ministries for St. John’s include:

  • Fellowship
  • Parish Worship & Music
  • Men's and Women's Group
  • College student "Care Packs"
  • Caring and Sharing
  • Education
  • The Oaks, Pleasant Gap
  • Blanket Fund - Sewing Group
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Memorial Day Services
  • School Aid

Members of St. John’s are invited and encouraged to participate in any of the various ministries that meet their personal interest. Joining a ministry group will provide you with the opportunity to apply some of the talents and gifts with which God has blessed you.